My Thoughts: The Makeup Show Dallas

I have had so many things run through my mind while here in Dallas, TX for The Makeup Show! It is always so exciting to see all of the artistry, new product launches, and innovation while attending any type of PRO event or conference! 

This event was no different! While I can't wait to share so many of the ideas and new products we will be bringing in, I thought I could go ahead and give you just a few important take aways for me as an artist, an esthetician, and a woman. 

#1 While Melissa and I sat in Bethany Townes' "Bridal Kit Focus" class, we heard another artist ask the following: "Do you prefer liquid or cream foundation while doing Bridal?" To which Ms. Townes replied "It. Just. Depends. To answer that question, I'd have to ask another 20 questions." Even if you are NOT a bride, stay with me here for a minute! She also left us with this saying in the same class: "As an artist, we do not think in terms of 'BRANDS,' we MUST think in terms of formulas. What formula works the best for this client." My (reminded) takeaway: each of us is so completely different. Our skin type, tone, texture; our desires for coverage; our lifestyles and time allotments to our beauty routine; what we endure through our day; our preconceived notions of beauty. I encourage you, do not focus on the 'BRAND'! It doesn't matter if it is what I tell you to wear, what your best friend/mom/sister tells you that you should wear, or if a celebrity endorses it or even has their name on the brand! It is how do you feel while wearing it? If it makes you feel beautiful, confident, and empowered, then I hope you have your answer! I also wish we treated all aspects of life in this same manner. Make the decisions that are best for you and own them. Do not be influenced by what others tell you, but instead, stay true to yourself and follow your heart. (And we are still happy to help answer makeup questions and guide you through that process! But the final say is yours!)

#2 From the Spring 'On Makeup' magazine: Timothy Priano, "...we need to move back to our hometowns and make people understand what the right look is for them." Artist Merrell Hollis on what's coming next in makeup, "...back to the basics where we are complementing the natural face structure...there's been a move toward 'overdoing it'... Over highlighting and contouring is a trend that I'm gladly saying goodbye to." Artist Jordan Liberty on the same, "To say that I loathe the 'Instagram brow' or the 'YouTube contour' is a massive understatement. I don't understand this desire to look...artificial. ...I can't tell anyone apart." My takeaway: Similar to point #1, we each have our own strengths and beauty. Social media has been a blessing and the curse within our industry. It is a quick and convenient way to show our work and talents. And it has allowed many aspiring artists to showcase their work like never before! But, it has aided in this fallacy of true beauty. As a teenager, I remember the high fashion models, and how thin they were, with their heavy contours of the face because, after all, it was the 90's! And monochromatic makeup was hot! I also remember adults being so concerned as eating disorders were on the rise with the images we as young girls were being flooded with. I am reminded that then, and now, the focus should be on inner beauty and allowing makeup to simply be our artistic outlet, and not a standard appearance we should all adhere to. 

#3  Considering that skincare is my ultimate passion, Melissa and I both could not help but to notice the flaws beneath the makeup. The predominate underlying issue was none other than acne. Makeup can hide many imperfections, such as tone, and can bring symmetry to the face. However, makeup cannot hide most textural imperfections, such as acne blemishes or scars. This becomes a real catch 22, as the desire for coverage is usually paid with a price. Higher coverage formulas tend to bring many pore clogging ingredients. And so the cover up to break out more cycle is perpetuated. Many of you know my struggles with adult acne, and should know it is the softest spot on my heart. The damage to one's self esteem is practically irreparable. Since becoming a Certified Acne Specialist with Face Reality, I feel so empowered, knowing that I can change my client's life, by changing their skin, not by hiding behind makeup. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my heart in this blog. I know it is different than the others I've written. But I felt it important to let everyone know to revel in your true inner beauty. To believe in yourself. I hope that this post leaves you all feeling as inspired, empowered, and confident, just as though you had attended this event with us! Have a truly beautiful day! Xoxo