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Amelia Gray is a full service cosmetic counter and skincare center. We offer a variety of services, and are best known for our cosmetic expertise and detailed brow artistry.

ACNE: What to Know & How to Seek Proper Treatment


ACNE: What to Know & How to Seek Proper Treatment

Haley Markel-Brooks

First, I'd like to cover the basics about ACNE- what it is, what it's characterized by, and which external factors can play a role in the formation of it.

Acne is a hereditary skin disorder of the pores- pores that shed dead skin cells much faster (up to 5 layers a day) than a normal pore (according to Face Reality Acne Clinic). A normal, non-acneic pore will shed up to 1 layer of dead skin cells each day, which means the acne pore is shedding much faster than the body can keep up with, creating comedos, blemishes, and sometimes cysts which can potentially generate scarring (YIKES!). What exactly is a comedo? It's an open pore (aka blackhead) clogged with oil and those dead skin cells I mentioned before. It can also be characterized by a clogged, closed pore, known as a whitehead.

In most cases acne is hereditary, however, it can be triggered by other external factors in some cases. If you're experiencing breakouts or have been a long time acne sufferer, it is important to first step back and evaluate your lifestyle.

  • Is something in your life causing you stress?

  • Do any of your hobbies or activities cause you to produce a great deal of sweat?

  • What foods are you consuming on a day to day basis?

  • How often do you wash your sheets and pillow cases?

  • Do you pick and squeeze your blemishes?

These are just a few questions you may want to address before taking that next step in seeking proper treatment. Although we do not realize it, many of our habits and daily activities can play a significant role in causing breakouts and acne flareups. Stress and sweat are the obvious contributors to acne, but did you know that certain foods and other lifestyle factors can also play a role in breakouts and flareups? We cover a wide range of foods with all our acne clients, which they should be avoiding, and what they should be substituting instead. Do you pick and squeeze your acne blemishes? If so, STOP. RIGHT NOW! Did you know that the bacteria we carry under our fingernails is equivalent to a cockroach? That's a scientific fact, and with that being said, when you're picking and squeezing you are transferring that bacteria to the underlying surfaces of your skin, which will more than likely cause a breakout. Instead of picking, you should see your Esthetician or a skincare professional and get a treatment in which they can do proper extractions.

That's all I have for now, guys! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out! I, along with our other Licensed Estheticians, would be happy to help in any way we can! xoxo