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Amelia Gray is a full service cosmetic counter and skincare center. We offer a variety of services, and are best known for our cosmetic expertise and detailed brow artistry.

My Thoughts: The IECSC Las Vegas


My Thoughts: The IECSC Las Vegas

Tarrah Bouts

What. A. Trip!!! You all better hold on because this blog is going to cover a couple interesting topics, mainly regarding products! (Nothing too risqué! That is not our scene! Lol!!) 

The International Esthetics, Cosmetics, and Spa Conference (IECSC) is held in Vegas once a year, but will also be found in other major cities in the US. While this was our first time in Vegas, it was definitely not our first professional conference. I was so excited to be able to share this experience with Kris, Maddy, and Natalie, though! We opted for a “divide and conquer” approach, which will allow us to bring the most to all of you!! (YAY!!) 

Kris and Natalie attended specific classes, that they found would be the most helpful to bring back to our clients. Their specific focuses were on Redness from Rosacea or Acne, Rosacea focused research, Anti Aging current and how it can literally “lift” the face and neck, and a new speed waxing technique (it was a little ouch! We will have funny stories, but we will be keeping our own efficient Brazilian waxing philosophies! Haha!) 

Maddy and I were able to shop til we dropped. Literally. I’m not even kidding! You will want to stay tuned, because we will have A LOT of new things coming at you guys! But I can say, that we LOVE our LED panel, Ultrasonic Spatula, and steamers so much, that we had to purchase new or ADD to what we already have in the treatment rooms! (If you are not familiar with these things I just mentioned, make sure to ask your Esthetician at your next visit!) 

*Teaser Alert, if you are into deep pore cleansing, legit anti aging caused by skin laxity, or just brightening up your complexion, you will want to keep an eye out! 

Now onto some product info!! We will be bringing in a couple of fun new things that give quick results, but they may not be what you are expecting...... Rest assured, they will be amazing for everyone, and we have been on the hunt for these things for awhile. I will also say, that we loved getting to work with these products during the hot Vegas summer! (We did cool off in the resort pool, and we were very grateful for the smooth skin we could show off!) 

And my biggest regret......(don’t ask the team, because I have been complaining about it since we left! Hahaha!)......CBD. I could not even count the suppliers selling CBD products. It was off the hook! But there is so much about it that we still do not know. (Not trying to burst any bubbles, because honestly, there’s so much they are just unaware of still!) I do not want to focus this blog post on only one item or subject, so I will give you all the skinny now, and know that I will create a new blog as we learn more! 

But for now, I will hit just a few highlights! This is a very controversial subject/ingredient at the moment. If you did not know, just look at the controversy surrounding medicinal marijuana. I know what a few of you are thinking, because I was originally told the same thing....that topical CBD products do not contain THC (the component responsible for the “high.”) Many of the companies selling CBD infused products claimed that their products contain 0.00% THC. Sounds great, right? However, there have been a few professionals that are arguing the THC is what actually reduces inflammation, which is what leads to these great results. (Are you ready for more REAL controversy.......) The legalization of marijuana is determined on a state by state basis. With online sales making things crazy to try and regulate, many online sales programs and credit card processors are shutting CBD sellers down! (This is not hearsay, btw; I’ve actually had several friends that are retailing CBD products online that have been shut down with no warning.) 

The other intriguing piece of this CBD puzzle surrounds acne! CBD is shown to have anti inflammatory effects, which can actually help diminish acne! However, it is proven that smoking marijuana (even just on occasion) can drastically increase acne lesions in most clients! So interesting!! 

Be prepared to see and hear more about CBD products in the market! There is a major conference happening soon in Denver, that is focused solely on CBD research! I know I am eager to learn the findings and will definitely be revisiting this subject in the future