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1662 11th Street
Portsmouth, OH, 45662
United States

(740) 353-3255

Amelia Gray is a full service cosmetic counter and skincare center. We offer a variety of services, and are best known for our cosmetic expertise and detailed brow artistry.



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Vitamin C: Just What the Doctor Ordered!

Tarrah Bouts

Too much sun this summer have you feeling regret? Or are you looking a bit sallow and needing a pick me up? Vitamin C is your answer! But, drinking some OJ and taking supplements is just not enough when talking about vitamins for the skin! 

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Vitamin A: The Good, The Bad, The Top 3 Aliases

Tarrah Bouts

Vitamin A. We love it, we hate it, or we want to love it but it hates us. We hear so much about it in ads and it’s even prescribed a lot! If a doctor is telling me to use it, then that must be the BEST formula…..right?! The answer is a non-comittal, maybe?? It just depends!

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