Uptown Facial

60 minutes | $65 and up

This most requested facial is the perfect blend of relaxation plus skin changing benefits! After an in depth consultation, your skin will be deeply cleansed and then exfoliated to brighten skin, clean out pores, and have you prepped for extractions (blackhead and blemish removal). Your skin is further transformed with a perfect blend of serums, followed by a relaxing facial massage that you will feel all the way to your toes! Enjoy a bit of extra pampering with a neck and shoulder massage, as well as a hydrating foot massage, while your skin is enjoying a custom blended mask, best suited for your skin concerns. Did we mention this treatment is customized from start to finish based on your beginning consultation? From our Bioelements Custom Additives to additional aromatherapy, your skin concerns are our focus from beginning to end!


Downtown Facial

40 minutes | $50 and up

Are you ready to treat yourself, but either your time or your money is really limited? Then this is the ideal facial for you! A condensed version of our popular Uptown Facial for the busy woman on the go! Deep pore cleansing and exfoliation prepares the way for extractions (those pesky blackheads in the T zone!) A light, effleurage facial massage calms and soothes the skin; plus, the custom curated massage products begin treating your main concerns. Enjoy a relaxing shoulder massage, while napping under your custom facial mask (before having to run those errands!)


Small Town Proud Facial

25 minutes | $35 and up

Does the thought of receiving a facial terrify you? As amazing as most of us know a facial can be, there is always someone who just wants to “dip their toes in,” without feeling the pressure of a major commitment! Does this sound like you? Then meet your perfect facial match. Deep pore cleansing and light exfoliation give a subtle glow. Customized serums, that pinpoint your primary concern, are then layered on for max absorption. A light, effleurage facial massage is then performed using a custom blended moisturizing agent, helping to lock in those great active ingredients. (We have a feeling that you’ll be scheduling our Downtown or Uptown Facial next! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!)


Executive Men's Facial

60 minutes | $60 and up

The perfect treatment designed just for men and their own unique skin needs. This treatment begins with steam and ends with warm towels, every man’s favorite part of the spa experience! Your esthetician will perform a custom cleansing with a gentle scrub enhanced with a very masculine sandalwood oil to deep clean the skin and balance excess oil. A relaxing scalp massage is then performed while steaming with a soothing mask. Relaxation is further encouraged with a deeper pressure massage technique for the temples and forehead, followed by a gentle pressure point massage of the face. While resting with your final mask, a massage of the neck and shoulders is completed.