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1662 11th Street
Portsmouth, OH, 45662
United States

(740) 353-3255

Amelia Gray is a full service cosmetic counter and skincare center. We offer a variety of services, and are best known for our cosmetic expertise and detailed brow artistry.





So that we may best serve all of our clients, we do ask that you provide us at least 24 hour notice of cancellation. Appointments that are no show or canceled with less than 24 hour notice may be subject to a fee of 50% the scheduled service. Thank you for your understanding and have a beautiful day!



- - - Facial Care - - -

The Uptown Facial

65 minutes | starting at $65

This customized facial treatment is our most requested facial with a new upgrade! After a thorough consultation and initial cleansing, your skin is exfoliated using a treatment mask selected just for your skin needs. This phase is performed using  a gentle steam, while feet are massaged and cocooned for hydration. Extractions are then performed, if necessary, and our special firming neck and decolette mask is applied. An aromatherapy facial massage is performed using even more customized techniques, from firming and toning, to soothing and balancing. A specialty, one of a kind serum is mixed fresh and applied for your immediate skin needs, and is followed by a finishing mask. While enjoying this specialty mask, a relaxing neck, head, and shoulder massage encourages you to slip into total relaxation! This treatment is completed with even more custom blending into your final moisturizer. Leave this treatment feeling completely relaxed, and your skin entirely renewed.


The Downtown Facial

40 minutes | starting at $50

This is the perfect, monthly skin treatment for someone who is new on the facial scene. After a skin analysis and cleansing step, the skin is exfoliated using an enzyme mask. Comedone extractions are included in this treatment, if necessary. A relaxing facial massage using our lavender oil or gel is performed next, and is followed by a finishing mask. After a brief shoulder massage, the finishing mask is removed, and appropriate moisturizer is applied, leaving you absolutely glowing!


The Small Town Proud Facial

25 minutes | starting at $35

Pressed for time, but need a little refreshing and renewal? Intimidated by the thought of receiving a facial? We have you covered! After cleansing and assessing your skin needs, a very gentle exfoliation is performed, while a gentle scalp massage is performed. After a relaxing facial massage, the moisturizer best suited for your skin type is applied, and you are on your way, with glowing, healthy skin!


The Executive Men’s Treatment

60 minutes | starting at $60

The perfect treatment designed just for men and their own unique skin needs. This treatment begins with steam and ends with warm towels, every man’s favorite part of the spa experience! Your esthetician will perform a custom cleansing with a gentle scrub enhanced with a very masculine sandalwood oil to deep clean the skin and balance excess oil. A relaxing scalp massage is then performed while steaming with a soothing mask. Relaxation is further encouraged with a deeper pressure massage technique for the temples and forehead, followed by a gentle pressure point massage of the face. While resting with your final mask, a massage of the neck and shoulders is completed.


- - - Age Management & Pigmentation - - -


45–60 minutes | starting at $65

Dermaplaning is an exfoliation treatment that instantly improves skin texture and tone. It leaves skin brighter, smoother, glowing and more youthful looking. With routine treatments, Dermaplaning can reduce fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, acne scars and fine hair.


rezenerate facial infusion

60 minutes | starting at $95

This revolutionary treatment will refresh tone and texture instantly, restore radiance in the days to follow, and renew firmness and elasticity in the following two weeks post facial. Combining the nanotechnology of the silicone-based handpiece, with the gentle exfoliation and nourishment provided by the one of a kind Facial Infusion, we can finally achieve age reversal with no discomfort or downtime. Recommended every 4 weeks for optimum results.



Bioelements Lactic Plus Peel: 45 minutes | starting at $55
PCA Peels: 45 minutes | starting at $65–$75 (layer dependent)

After a skin analysis and consultation, your Licensed Esthetician will present you with the best options for your specific skin concerns. This consultation will include discussion about major events coming up on your calendar, any down time you should expect,  as well as what acids work best for certain skin conditions. Whether we are combatting acne, fine lines and wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, or all of the above, we have a perfect formula for your skin concerns!



45 minutes | starting at $70

Crystal Clear® offers incredible skin rejuvenation with just one treatment! Microdermabrasion is a two phase process, offering exfoliation and new collagen stimulation. Aluminum oxide crystals are delivered to the skin with this high powered device, while a gentle vacuum pressure sweeps away dead cells and encourages healthy blood flow toward your skin. The increased blood supply leaves you with an immediate, youthful glow, as well as providing longer term benefits through an increase of new collagen.



60 minutes | starting at $55

The Facial Skincare Device (FSD) utilizes Radiancy’s® proprietary blend of light and heat energy, to be safe yet effective for the non-medical market! The ultimate treatment for collagen regeneration with no downtime! This device emits gentle pulses of light and heat, creating a mild thermal action at the dermal layer, which in turn stimulates your body’s own fibroblasts, to make its own new collagen. This treatment can be a stand alone treatment, but your best (and truly noticeable) results are seen when you complete a series of treatments, which is then followed by this maintenance treatment once every 4-6 weeks.

*see series pricing below

- - - Treatment Series - - -

Radiancy® FSD

Series of 8 treatments | starting at $350


Crystal Clear® Microdermabrasion

Series of 4 Treatments | starting at $250


FSD + Microdermabrasion

Series of 8 FSD & 4 Microderms | starting at $600

- - - Acne Treatments - - -


90 minutes | starting at $65


*Ask about this Maintenance treatments as a membership or series.


- - - Brow + Lash Enhancements - - -

Custom Brow Design

starting at $12

Our most requested service and our specialty! Our highly trained Brow Artists are trained by the amazing Arch Addicts ® team to give Portsmouth the best brows around! A brow consultation followed by a wax using the unique Cirepil ® blue wax, provides you with a custom, professional brow shape. This service is finished with concealer and brow pencil for a complete shape!


Brow Tint

starting at $15

Do you need some gray coverage for your brows? Or are your brows amazing, but so fair that no one can see their real beauty? Maybe you just need the appearance of a fuller shape? This service will be life changing for you! A professional formula that provides color for 6-8 weeks! This pairs beautifully with our Custom Brow Design service.


starting at $55

Are you ready to ditch your lash curler for the next 6 weeks (or longer for some guests)?! Do you wish you looked more awake, without spending extra time in the mornings? This is definitely the service for you! A gentle Lifting Solution is applied to your natural lash, atop a soft, silicone band, placed gently on your upper lid. This solution provides a perfect curl to the natural lashes, being as subtle or dramatic as you would like! Hello bright eyes! (And for extra time & money savings, consider scheduling the Lash Lift and Tint Combo, our most popular lash service!)


starting at $20

Do you have blonde lashes? Or do you find yourself packing on the mascara, trying to achieve length and volume? Or maybe you use multiple products trying to get that perfect look. The Lash Tint will help you reach your goals, by either eliminating mascara for you, or reducing how many coats and steps to get them perfect! By darkening the natural lash, they will appear much longer (and sometimes a little thicker!). We can also customize your color, for richness, to brighten the eye, or just add a little color!


starting at $65

For the guest wanting the best of both worlds! Check out our descriptions of the Lash Lift, and the Lash Tint, and any question you have will be answered! Except for one: We perform the Lift Service first, and the Tint second, as this protects the integrity of your natural lash! No breakage, damage, or fallout using great products and techniques!

- - - Gentle Waxing: Face - - -

Custom Brow Design | starting at $12

Chin | starting at $10

Lip | starting at $10

Nostrils | starting at $10

Ears | starting at $10

Full Face | starting at $25

- - - Gentle Waxing: Body - - -

Underarms | starting at $20

Arms | starting at $20–$30

Back or Chest | starting at $40

Lower Leg | starting at $25

Full Leg | starting at $45

The Bikini | starting at $20

The French Bikini | starting at $30

The Female Brazilian | starting at $40

The Male Brazilian | starting at $60

- - - Makeup Services - - -

The Tutorial

60 minutesstarting at $35
or free with a minimum $50 cosmetic purchase

Not quite sure of how to apply your makeup? Or maybe you are needing some advice as you are noticing changes in your skin or hair color! One of our expert Cosmetic Consultants would be happy to help you out! The staff at Amelia Gray is trained to answer all of your questions and give the most current tips and tricks to help you look and feel your best. You will leave with a complete application and feeling confident in your skills with your daily routine.


The Special Event

30–60 minutes | starting at $35
or free with a minimum $50 cosmetic purchase

Looking for a professional application for your next big event, whether it be prom, a wedding*, your next high school reunion, or an on stage event? Allow one of our Cosmetic Consultants to lend their expertise in making you look gorgeous and camera ready!

*We can accommodate your entire Bridal Party to help make your special day picture perfect! With enough scheduling notice, we may also be available for on location services. Call to inquire.


False Lash Application

15 minutesstarting at $10

We carry a complete assortment to fit your needs! Price includes cost of the lashes and application.


5-min Face Makeup Refresher (post service) | FREE

Rezenerate Age Reversal Wand | starting at $25

LED Panel | starting at $15

Herbology®  Foot Exfoliation | starting at $10

Paraffin Mask | starting at $10

V-Neck Firming Mask® | starting at $10

Custom brow design | starting at $12

Brow tint | starting at $15

Lip wax | starting at $10

Chin wax | starting at $10