The Root Of All (Skin) Evils Is...

Aging? NO. Wrinkles? THINK AGAIN! Brown Spots? NOPE. Acne??!! NO WAY! Then, what?
INFLAMMATION! Yep. I said it. It sounds horribly generic, but did you know that inflammation in the tissue contributes to ALL of the ABOVE? (Gasp!) I will be using layman's terms for all of today's blog to make it easy on you. (Who am I kidding? It's really because that is how "I" learn!)

What is inflammation? In short, it is our body's defense system. It is an amazing internal regulator to keep us safe from "bad stuff" (think trauma from physical or chemical injuries, bacteria, etc.) The problem is not necessarily when our body calls for this SWAT team on occasion; it's when our body has to keep an entire ARMY on speed dial because of what's it is being subjected to!

What would I be doing to keep the inflammation army on speed dial? There are a lot of things that can trigger inflammation. So! For boredom's sake, let's look only at what we know to be true and what affects the skin (that's why you're reading this, right?!)

Internally, we know that high cortisol levels and free radicals make it difficult for our body to heal and repair itself. We also know that poor diet, lack of exercise, and not getting adequate sleep contribute to these. (Tell your family that you need a nap! I said so; for your health!) External contributors include physical and chemical trauma (think abrasive, aggressive, and usually painful products and treatments), and UV exposure.

"Can I change anything to reduce the level of inflammation I am exposed to?" I am glad you asked! (Or that you are still reading!) To target those pesky INTERNAL stressors, be sure to get plenty of rest, exercise regularly, and talk to your Doctor about an anti-oxidant rich diet or supplements. Omega-3's, leafy greens, and berries are all excellent if you get the green light from your medical provider. As for the EXTERNAL triggers, leave the professional treatments to the PROS, or use only their guidance on at home treatments. So put down that chemical you purchased from an unregulated online source! Look for topically applied anti-oxidants instead! They are amazing, especially when paired with a healthy diet and the the use of a broad spectrum SPF according to directions!
 As always, if you have any questions, you can stop in and see me or one of the members of my team at Amelia Gray, or email me at tarrah[at]ameliagrayskincare[dot]com  Wishing you a beautiful day! Xoxo